Lunch at the Dandenong Club


Lunch at Dandenong Club.jpg

Hello everyone.

I would like to share with you all my experience as a member of U3A Dandenong. As you can see in the Photo, we went for lunch to the Dandenong Club with the Group of Italian classes. As with many other groups, we also enjoy the experience very much going back in time and doing what we did in the past. Now, much older and more mature, we share every moment and every class with our much loved “Professore di Italiano”Ivo.  In our class we try to learn as much as we can, but also have fun, believe me, we have plenty of that, especially in our tea –coffee break, with yummy treats and jokes. On behalf of the class, we thank you so much for your dedication, to us. It is also worth mentioning our Tai Chi tutor, Lolita, which bravely is taking the exercise classes this semester, our French tutors Tony and Arlette, our French singing tutor Lily, our retired exercise class tutor Gerry, who also dedicated many years to make people happy and fit, we miss her. Thanks to our president Vivian, who sacrifices lots of hours doing the best for all of us. Thanks also to Heather and the rest of the volunteers who work and help so we can benefit with positive results. I could name so many nice people that I have known in my three years assisting different activities, but I don’t want to forget any one. I just want to say you all are nice and friendly colleagues.

Le’ts keep enjoying this land of wonders.